Egg Donor Qualifications

Egg donation makes pregnancy possible for people who are unable to conceive using their own eggs. Our community of diverse donors comes from all backgrounds and chooses to donate for different reasons. Whether itโ€™s financial or emotional, your generosity can help those struggling with infertility to finally create a family of their own.

Who Can Become an Egg Donor?

Egg donors are women, usually between 21-29 years old, who are healthy and willing to donate their eggs to a recipient. They can be unknown, known to the recipient (such as a friend or family member) or offer an open-ID donation (where some identifying information is shared with the donor-conceived child).

Egg Donor Requirements

At our Las Vegas egg donor agency, donors are carefully screened by our fertility specialists and must pass extensive interviews as well as meet the following requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 21-29
  • Non-smoker
  • No illicit drug use
  • No history of serious genetic illness
  • BMI less than 30
  • Pass a background check (upon request of the intended parents)

The Egg Donation Process

After you answer yes to the pre-screening questions, you will fill out the complete egg donor application to become part of our donor family and we will build a customized profile on our donor page. Intended parents will view your profile and we will contact you once you have been selected.

  1. Apply to be an egg donor. The application process consists of two phases: The Pre-Screen Questionnaire and The Full Questionnaire.
  2. Egg Donor Screenings.ย You’ll complete a series of medical screenings to ensure you are in good health.
  3. Cycle Synchronization. You will go through an IVF cycle where you’ll take medications to stimulate your ovaries.
  4. Egg Retrieval. When the eggs are mature, the doctor will retrieve them through the vaginal wall while you are under light sedation.

Why Should I Consider Donating My Eggs?

If you are someone who would like to help a family, egg donation may be an option for you. While helping a family, you are compensated for your time. Many of our donors use this compensation to help with school, help purchase a home, pay off debt, or save for future endeavors.

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How Much Do Egg Donors Get Paid in Las Vegas?