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Egg donation is a fertility treatment where a young, fertile woman (donor) donates some of her eggs to help another person or couple (recipient) have a baby. This is done through a process called In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Intended parents are individuals or couples who cannot conceive on their own and plan to use IVF, egg donation, or surrogacy to build their family.

An egg donor is a young woman who is willing to donate some of her eggs to a recipient.

A woman who receives eggs donated by another woman. It could be an intended parent herself or a surrogate.

An egg donor database shows intended parents details about an egg donor such as education, ethnicity, physical traits, pictures, etc.

An anonymous egg donor’s personal details are not revealed. The intended parents or donor-conceived child will not be able to contact the donor and vice-versa.

A known egg donor is someone the intended parents know, such as a family member or friend, who donates their eggs.

An open id egg donor is willing to share their identity and contact information with the donor-conceived child if they request that information when they turn 18.

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Egg Retrieval


Embryo Transfer

In Vitro Fertilization is a fertility procedure in which eggs are extracted from a woman’s ovary and mixed with sperm in a lab dish to allow fertilization. The resulting embryos are placed back into the woman’s uterus in hopes of establishing a pregnancy.

A reproductive endocrinologist is a physician who is trained in diagnosing causes of infertility and uses assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to help people get and stay pregnant.

To stimulate her ovaries to make more eggs, the donor takes fertility medications. She will be monitored with ultrasounds and bloodwork during this phase of the donation process.

Medical procedure to retrieve mature follicles from the egg donor’s ovaries. The egg donor is lightly sedated during this procedure and follicles are retrieved using a needle through the vaginal wall.

The process of combining the sperm and eggs in a laboratory with the hope of creating embryos.

The medical procedure where the embryos are transferred to the recipient or gestational carrier.

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