Egg Donor Fees and Costs

At Plum, we recognize the importance of cost when considering using an egg donor. It is an investment in your future, your family and we are here to help. Our mission is to guide you honestly and straightforwardly through the costs of egg donation.

How Much Does an Egg Donor Cost in Las Vegas?

Agency Fee - $8,800

The agency fee includes access to our elite donor pool, as well as, the high level of medical expertise behind selecting the donor who is right for you. It includes:

  • Unlimited matches for egg donors
  • Travel coordination for the donor
  • Care coordination for the donor
  • Guidance through the legal and clinical aspects of the process

1st Payment Due – Within 5 days of selecting a donor.
2nd Payment Due – After donor is medically cleared.

Donor Compensation - $7,000+

Egg donors are paid for their time and efforts. The compensation is determined by the donor and is based on the number of times she has donated, the level of her education, and other qualities.

Each donor sets her own compensation.

Legal Fees - $1,500-25,000

A legal contract will need to be drawn up between you and the donor. You will pay for your lawyer and also the Lawyer for your donor. You can choose your own lawyer or we can refer you to one who specializes in Third-Party Reproduction.

Donor Insurance - $350

The donor insurance covers any medical costs for the donor if she experiences complications during or after her cycle.

Escrow Costs - $200

Plum Egg Donor Agency works with an escrow company so you can feel reassured your money is being handled appropriately. An escrow company is a third party that will hold and disperses the money as outlined in our contract.

Miscellaneous - $100

This is a small amount set into the escrow account for any miscellaneous costs the donor may incur during the cycle. For example, if she is required to get any medications, such as birth control pills, prior to the cycle.

The donor will need to submit receipts for such costs and if she is not required to use this money, then it will be given back to you once the cycle is complete.

Costs Not Included

Medical Costs

The medical costs of the egg donation will be determined by your fertility clinic. These costs will include an IVF cycle, your medications, and the medications needed for the donor to stimulate her ovaries.

These costs are completely separate from the agency costs.

Donor Travel Expenses

Travel Fees: If a donor lives outside the area of your clinic, there will be various travel costs for the donor, such as:

  • Plane tickets
  • Uber or car rental
  • Food
  • Hotel arrangements

Travel Companion: If the donor lives outside the area we require a companion to travel with her during the time of egg extraction. The donor will be under light sedation and will likely stay the night near the clinic. To keep her safe, a companion will need to stay with her during that time.

A Stress-Free Way to Pay for Egg Donation

We offer multiple financing options through our loan partners to help make your dream of conceiving more affordable.