Hear first-hand from parents who have gone through the IVF donor egg process at our Las Vegas egg donor agency.

Why Did You Choose to Use Donor Eggs?

“After years of Infertility treatments, I was devastated to learn I would likely never have a baby who carried my genetics and I was heartbroken.”

Did it Take You a Long Time to Decide to Use an Egg Donor?

“I waited so long to consider using an egg donor because of how my family and my husband would perceive me. I was afraid of how I would embrace motherhood when I felt like a failure. After finally realizing I wanted a family and egg donor was the route I would need to take, I tried my best to embrace the circumstances.”

How Did You Feel When You Became Pregnant?

“After feeling my son grow and kick, my mind frame shifted. Why was I so hard on myself? Once he was born and I looked into his eyes, I realized he was meant for me. I left behind all the shame and feeling of failure and my heart filled with love and gratitude.”

What Did You Learn Through the Donor Egg Process?

“I was thankful to the donor for giving me such a blessing. I recognized all the feelings I had before did not matter. What mattered, was how much love I had for my baby and the happiness and memories this beautiful baby would bring to my family.”

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