Trying to conceive is such a personal journey and there are a lot of big feelings involved – stress, anxiety, sadness, pain, and a lot of times anger. So what do you give someone who is struggling with infertility? We like to gift our intended parents with useful items that help make the process a little more bearable or meaningful gifts that make them feel loved and supported.

Here’s Our List of Fertility Gift Ideas


1. Oversized Heating Pad

This heating pad covers your entire back (or stomach) and has 6 heat settings for the ultimate comforting touch after poking yourself with needles all day.


2. Fertility Necklace

Fertility necklaces or bracelets make a great gift because they can be a reminder to stay strong. We love this diamond circle necklace because it represents the embryo they hope to conceive and a parent’s neverending love.


3. Comfy Pajamas

Between the tests, medications, and procedures, there are a lot of days where rest is needed or even required. These bamboo pajamas are so soft, making them a comfy gift choice.


4. Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests are such a useful gift for those struggling with infertility! It can get expensive testing all the time so grab this jumbo pack of tests. They can be scanned with the Premom app to help determine if it is positive or not.


5. Monogram Medicine Bag

Your friend might not always be home when they need to give themselves a shot. Grab this waterproof, monogram bag to hold their medicines.


6. Monogram IVF Bag

Another cute option to store their shots is this skinny monogram medicine bag in grey!


7. Monogram Pill Case

A great way to keep all their medicine organized is with this cute monogram pill case.


8. Pineapple Ice Pack for Injections

Pineapples are a symbol of hope for those struggling with infertility. This cold pack is the perfect size for numbing areas before injections and doubles as a sweet reminder to remain hopeful through all the pain.


9. Pineapple IVF Got This Socks

Some people believe that keeping your feet warm can help with IVF so a lot of women like to wear “IVF Got This” socks to procedures for good luck. These pineapple socks are a subtle choice that can be worn with everyday shoes.


10. Surviving Infertility Book

There are a lot of infertility books out there but we love this one by Melanie Dale. Infreakinfertility is “The funnest book you’ll ever read about the worst thing that’s ever happened to you.”


11. Massage Gift Card

Struggling with infertility is so stressful and hard on your body. Gift your friend a gift card to a local massage parlor to enjoy an hour of pampering.


12. Acupuncture Gift Card

Acupuncture can help improve IVF success rates but the multiple sessions can get pretty expensive. Ask your friend where they are getting their acupuncture treatments from and give them a gift card to put towards their next session!


13. Pharmacy Gift Card for Medications

Most insurances don’t cover IVF treatments and all that medication is expensive. Ask your friend what pharmacy they use and give them a gift card to help pay for their medications.

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